Monday, July 6, 2009

RIP Pink Pool

Our wonderful pink pool, which did dual action as a whelping box, has been laid to rest.

Actually it only lasted an hour since these photos were taken back in June. Thank you Snickers.

We went to Tractor Supply and bought a 40 gallon livestock tub to serve as our newest swimming pool. So far it has lasted several days with minimal toothmarks.


a corgi said...

how cute! I bet it is pretty sturdy!! I wonder how Koda would like a little swimming pool.....

enjoy the day


Holly said...

Some of my dogs love it and some refuse to go near it... so it would be interesting to see if oda is a "swamp thing" or not LOL!

Mielikki's Hunt said...

rofl, we use the stock tanks too. . some of the zoi love 'em, zome act like you are asking them to cut off their toes