Monday, August 31, 2009


Tonight was so chilly that we all wore sweatshirts to obedience class. That means we only had 2 weeks of summer weather...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eva & Tristan

With their sister, Hannah. What a pretty pair they make.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Eva is at this moment, safe in their home, snuggling with one of the daughters, and Tristan is at the mom's feet. My brindle dogs are safe, and very happy.

Yesterday they had three sightings around one specific property, near where the sighting was last week. The owners let Tristan "do his business" all over and they set up the H-A-H trap there. I also informed the animal communicator we have been working with (THANK YOU SAGE) who said she would double her efforts so that Eva finds the trap.

This morning she was there.

THANK YOU ALL for all your advice, prayers and good thoughts!! And THANK YOU LORD for bringing her back safe!

Monday, August 24, 2009


This morning Chloe/Eva's family woke to finding dog droppings on their walkway (a first!) and that the HAH trap was sprung. Hopefully she is comforted by the scent of Tristan and is back near the house and staying close.

Tristan is so comfortable with the family, he will stay there forever now. They agreed to adopt him. I am sad, as I was never looking to place my 9 year old boy, but our house is calmer without him here and he is making their entire family very happy. And I am sure Eva will be happy to have a familiar "roommate" when she is reunited with the family.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A sighting! And Star's first point!

There was a Chloe sighting in the next town. They are papering that area now with flyers, and they plan to take Tristan for walks in the woods there. I am praying that they find her quickly. Tristan moved right in, slept in bed with one of the daughters and has managed to get everyone he meets to rub his belly.

Star won her first point today by going WB/BOW/BOS! It was great to get the coveted purple ribbon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tristan has packed his bags...

And he will be staying with Eva's family for a few days to help in searching for her. Hopefully, with his astute marking ability, he will be able to leave more familiar scents to her and help bring her home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you could spare a prayer... and good news

Summer has finally hit here in the Northeast. The dog pool continues to get a good work out and now I wish we had a human pool to cool off in.

SAD NEWS: Chloe, new name Eva, has been missing for a week from her new home. A freak accident... she tripped up her new mom coming up the stairs to the front door. Mom falling into the door scared her and she bolted. Could have easily happened to me. She is dragging her 6' pink leash and martingale collar. No tags but she is microchipped to me (which I updated the info the day before this happened - thank you Penni & Jeri).

She was last spotted on Friday. I have been there twice over the week with my dogs, looking, laying scent, leaving smelly clothes. They are over 150 miles away and I am unable to get there this week so yesterday I mailed them a box of "fresh" clothes and dog hair. The family is doing everything right in the search... posters, ads on tv & in the paper, every internet lost pet venue they could find, a baited Have-A-Heart trap... If you can spare a prayer or good thoughts that she is reunited with them, it would so be appreciated.

ADDED INFO: Lost from Vermont Road, Tyngsboro, MA. Last seen off Groton Road.

On a GOOD NEWS note, Zsa Zsa is a born show puppy! We went to a fun match on Sunday. Zsa Zsa was a hit!

A dear friend I have known for as long as I have been in dogs, who doesn't communicate too much on the computer, came by our Element, took one look at Zsa Zsa in her crate and said "How is she related to Demi?". At the end of the day, after Zsa Zsa won the Puppy Herding Group (and Magnet placed 2nd in the Adult Herding Group), she came to me and said "She is SO MUCH like Demi, it is scary!"
*sighs* Yup, that's why we brought her north! No pictures from the match because it was TOO HOT to even think of posing for a photo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good girl, Sabrina! More letters for Luther! Pretty Olivia!

Since Sabrina needs a new career in her mid-life, I decided to do obedience with her as well. Using a cookie just confused her as she has been programed for 6 years to stack & bait for food. Manually putting her bum on the ground was retaliated by dirty looks from the princess and an instant stand. So, last Monday I brought Sabrina to class so she could watch from the confines of a crate. Then I let her watch Luther & I practice later in the week from the confines of the dog yard. I then took her out... and she rewarded me by heeling & SITTING perfectly ... better than Luther!! She is now enrolled in the next beginners class that starts next week.

CH Visions I Have A Dream CGC

Luther graduated his beginners class tonight! First we did a pre-novice test, followed by a CGC test. Of course, he passed both.

He received lots of compliments and made many the new admirer. Next week we can start the club's rally & intermediate class. All I can say is I am having loads of fun as well.

Barb Miller sent me this beautiful portrait, photographed by Cheryl Prehm. It was taken at a Cappy Pruett herding clinic. On the left is her elegant Luca, and Olivia is on the right.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A new home for Chloe

Chloe has found a wonderful home, out east where she is now a Red Sox fan. Two teenage sisters and stay at home mom make life complete.

She is adjusting to a much busier home, and did accept her new Collie cousin, Shiloh.

Thank you Terry and family for bringing our girl into your home!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our first "at home" Rally Course

I am REALLY am enjoying Rally! The local club where we are taking classes is having their annual AKC Obedience & Rally trial next month. I volunteered to steward for Rally, hoping to learn more while helping.

Tonight I set up my first Rally course ever! Click to see the course map I used. I did not give myself enough room between each sign this time. Now I know better and will give myself more room tomorrow.

For my signs, I printed them from Sinister Labs and I am using 8x10 plastic picture frames as my sign holders. This seems to be working well. Thanks Cait for the idea for the sign holders! I was able to get the small orange cones at the dollar store as well (2 for $1) so my investment was quite minimal considering what some places charge for a Rally set up. The photo will enlarge if you want to click on it to see more details of my equipment.

Luther is working really well for me, even though practice was hit and miss with everything going on in life the last few weeks. He is such a happy dog and I know he is enjoying the extra special one on one time with me. And he is SO SMART! He will pick up a new exercise so quickly, it boggles my mind!

Aussie Performance Pup Available

My herding instructor, Debbie St. Jacques, has a lovely Australian Shepherd performance pup available.

Debbie's Beauwood is the #8 Hall of Fame Kennel in ASCA and she was the featured interview for the 2008 Australian Shepherd Annual. "Smokey" was whelped on May 2, 2009 and is registered with both AKC & ASCA. He is pictured with his sire, "Bravo", who is also on the cover of the 2008 Aussie Annual.

FMI visit my site.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zsa Zsa's weekend

What a busy, but FUN, weekend I had!

Who knew I would be reunited with my SISTER!! We met on Saturday. I haven't seen her since I was 8 weeks old.Abby flew up from Florida to New York as well and lives 45 min. away. We had a great time meeting her human mum, Sheila, and PLAYING!

Today, we went to visit my cousin, Mio, who now lives in Vermont! He also flew in from Florida. What I want to know is who is getting all our frequent flyer miles?

Isn't Mio handsome?

I sat pretty (for two seconds) while Mio's human dad took my picture.

Mio wants to grow up to be just like our big cousin, Luther.

Luther supervised our game of tug.

Thanks Dave for the great picnic (we were able to eat outside between the downpours) and the fun Cardi party!