Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you could spare a prayer... and good news

Summer has finally hit here in the Northeast. The dog pool continues to get a good work out and now I wish we had a human pool to cool off in.

SAD NEWS: Chloe, new name Eva, has been missing for a week from her new home. A freak accident... she tripped up her new mom coming up the stairs to the front door. Mom falling into the door scared her and she bolted. Could have easily happened to me. She is dragging her 6' pink leash and martingale collar. No tags but she is microchipped to me (which I updated the info the day before this happened - thank you Penni & Jeri).

She was last spotted on Friday. I have been there twice over the week with my dogs, looking, laying scent, leaving smelly clothes. They are over 150 miles away and I am unable to get there this week so yesterday I mailed them a box of "fresh" clothes and dog hair. The family is doing everything right in the search... posters, ads on tv & in the paper, every internet lost pet venue they could find, a baited Have-A-Heart trap... If you can spare a prayer or good thoughts that she is reunited with them, it would so be appreciated.

ADDED INFO: Lost from Vermont Road, Tyngsboro, MA. Last seen off Groton Road.

On a GOOD NEWS note, Zsa Zsa is a born show puppy! We went to a fun match on Sunday. Zsa Zsa was a hit!

A dear friend I have known for as long as I have been in dogs, who doesn't communicate too much on the computer, came by our Element, took one look at Zsa Zsa in her crate and said "How is she related to Demi?". At the end of the day, after Zsa Zsa won the Puppy Herding Group (and Magnet placed 2nd in the Adult Herding Group), she came to me and said "She is SO MUCH like Demi, it is scary!"
*sighs* Yup, that's why we brought her north! No pictures from the match because it was TOO HOT to even think of posing for a photo.


Claire said...

We send prayers for Chloe/Eva. Hope she finds her way to shelter and home soon.

Dawn said...

Definately sending prayers for Eva. When I lost Juni a couple of years ago, what helped most was us actually taking a Cardi to the animal shelter, and showing them to the workers. When animal control got a call from the people who ultimately resuced our girl, it was our having shown the various officers an actual cardigan that helped them recognize her as ours. They were so nice as to not even collect her from the people who had her and call us to go get her. They told us it was seeing one in "real life" that helped them recognize her as the dog in the pictures. Maybe you have done this, but if not it cant hurt.

Kaye said...

Good lord we have had rain for 6 weeks straight, I'd kill for a sunny day.

What city and state was Cloe/Eva last seen? It is a very good thing she has a microchip.

Holly said...

I added a new picture and where she was last seen.

Great idea Dawn. I will see when I can make another trip that way with Tristan. He is marked so similar to Chloe/Eva.

penni said...

Oh, Holly, you know my heart just aches for Eva and her family. I'll say what I always say -- make sure the flyers are in places kids hang out. Kids have time to look for dogs and the last few lost dogs with which I was involved, were found by youngsters. Have the owners put REWARD at the top of the poster in big letters.

Sending really good thoughts that way. I'll post to my tracking lists and performance corgi list.

Léo said...

I hope Eva is found safe and sound as soon as possible.

Sherilyn said...

Prayers and good thoughts coming East for Eva from Iowa...keep us posted, please! Hopefully someone will spot her and recognize her from her posters.

StubbyDog said...

I hope Eva finds her way home!!