Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zsa Zsa's weekend

What a busy, but FUN, weekend I had!

Who knew I would be reunited with my SISTER!! We met on Saturday. I haven't seen her since I was 8 weeks old.Abby flew up from Florida to New York as well and lives 45 min. away. We had a great time meeting her human mum, Sheila, and PLAYING!

Today, we went to visit my cousin, Mio, who now lives in Vermont! He also flew in from Florida. What I want to know is who is getting all our frequent flyer miles?

Isn't Mio handsome?

I sat pretty (for two seconds) while Mio's human dad took my picture.

Mio wants to grow up to be just like our big cousin, Luther.

Luther supervised our game of tug.

Thanks Dave for the great picnic (we were able to eat outside between the downpours) and the fun Cardi party!


a corgi said...

oh how cute! so glad you were able to enjoy a visit with friends! looks like everyone got along just fine :)


Katrin said...

Glad it was such a fun time!

Donna said...

Puppies are adorable!