Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our first "at home" Rally Course

I am REALLY am enjoying Rally! The local club where we are taking classes is having their annual AKC Obedience & Rally trial next month. I volunteered to steward for Rally, hoping to learn more while helping.

Tonight I set up my first Rally course ever! Click to see the course map I used. I did not give myself enough room between each sign this time. Now I know better and will give myself more room tomorrow.

For my signs, I printed them from Sinister Labs and I am using 8x10 plastic picture frames as my sign holders. This seems to be working well. Thanks Cait for the idea for the sign holders! I was able to get the small orange cones at the dollar store as well (2 for $1) so my investment was quite minimal considering what some places charge for a Rally set up. The photo will enlarge if you want to click on it to see more details of my equipment.

Luther is working really well for me, even though practice was hit and miss with everything going on in life the last few weeks. He is such a happy dog and I know he is enjoying the extra special one on one time with me. And he is SO SMART! He will pick up a new exercise so quickly, it boggles my mind!


penni said...

Rally is a hoot since you can talk to the dog and tell him how good he is. I found it really improved my dogs' obedience performances as well. Obedience really has very little happening, but in rally, there is something going on every few steps so the dogs have to be constantly watching. It's just fun.

Dawn said...

If you ever want some course maps, I have some AKC, UKC and APDT, I can send you to play with.

Jules said...

Thta's awesome, Holly!

Katrin said...

Yeah! That's great that it's going so well!

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Thanks for the link! It hadn't occured to me to do a "DIY" rally course. (And I have a brand-new color printer to do it with, too!) :)