Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rabies scare

The dogs alerted me this morning to a sick looking raccoon
approaching their fence. Unfortunately my husband was out
of town and I had to wait for the sheriff to arrive.
During that time the poor creature slunk into the woods
and could not be sent to his/her maker. The sheriff did
confirm that in the next town they already had 6 confirmed
cases of rabies and my vet confirmed cases in their county,
just south of ours.

I always double fence my unvaccinated puppies. When we
have wee ones they are in an expen inside my fenced yard
and what happened this morning was proof I am doing the
right thing. This is the very reason I vaccinate my puppies
for rabies as soon as New York State law allows - 13 weeks.
Waiting until 6 months could have been a death sentence if
I had a puppy here. At least you can treat a vaccine
reaction if that is what you fear. I have not had one yet.

Wishing everyone to have a safe spring & summer!

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CardiCorgiOwner said...

Wow--scary indeed! There was quite an outbreak of canine distemper in the raccoons and squirrels near here recently. Glad that my dogs are vaccinated so I don't have to worry about it.