Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death in a potato chip bag - we lucked out!

In my puppy packet I have a warning in big, red letters on the danger of chip bags.

I know of at least 3 Cardigans who have suffocated in potato chip bags. For this reason, as we start to eat the bag of chips, I trim the bag length down as we go. (It also makes it easier as you are not sticking your arm down to the bottom of the bag.) When I dispose of a bag in the garbage, I slice it down lengthwise.

And no matter how careful one can be, it only takes a moment with our vacuum cleaner breed.

Yesterday I was laying in bed, watching TV and resting my back. I had finished the last of my chips, in a half cut down bag when the phone rang. As I gimped to the desk to answer it, I left the empty half bag behind. I was just a few seconds into our conversation when I turn and look - and there is Zsa Zsa with the half bag over her head and she could NOT get it off! I hung up the phone and was able to get it off of her right away.

I break into tears thinking what could have happened if I took the phone into the kitchen and brewed a cup of coffee. And I keep thanking G-d, over and over, for sparing her.


coopercreek said...

OM! You're right, Holly, one can never be too careful. Thank goodness you turned around when you did. Coper and I are sending virtual hugs to you and Zsa Zsa. <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

jerZgirl said...

That almost happened to Iggy Pop at the National!

I brought a bag of freeze-dried raw food for them and Iggy Pop decided to help himself while I was out - luckily my roomate was watching him!

She said it was literally a second she turned around.

Dawn said...

Glad she is OK!!

Sherilyn said...

OMG! How scary, and so thankful that you didn't take the call in another room! Thanks for the warning...I have a dog that likes to check out the trash for goodies, no matter what kind of lid I have, she finds a way to get in there.