Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What are your favorite crates for your Element?

I am looking at getting crates with more ventilation. My preferred crates are Central Metal's corgi crate, but they are out of my budget at the moment. Are there other wire crates that can be stacked safely that won't break the budget?

I currently use 2 - Varikennel 300s and if I need to bring a couple more along, I can stack 2 - 200s on top for the smaller kids.

Has anyone used Kennelaire's plastic crates? They have much more ventilation than Varikennels. I do know that plastic gets brittle with age, but my old VKs seem sturdier.

I appreciate your input!


Crazy Cardiness said...

I used Vari-Kennels, 2-300's on the bottom and 2-200's on the top with holes drilled into the back side(2 rows on the 200, 3 on the 300). The dogs get plenty of airflow through that way and are still in their comfy caves:-)) You can still use the crates to fly as well, giving the dog extra ventilation during flight too.

Holly said...

When Leonard get's a moment, he will be using a hole saw and drill vent holes for me. I will then use the dremel to smooth the edges out. I like my versatile tools!