Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Troy celebrates his Barkday

Troy turned 6 today. He got to spend an overnight yesterday at the vet's as his present. He had a very badly lacerated paw. We have no idea how it happened, never saw a speck of blood. And he never limped! What a stoic boy he is.

He shared peanut butter covered toast with Dad as a present.

It was very yummy! And how nice for the clinic to match the vet wrap to his collar.

Sporting his outdoor look. Who knew that poop bags could be dual purpose? Of course this had to happen the only week all month when it is WET outside.

Happy 6th Barkday Troy! I hope next year is much less adventurous.


Jules said...

Poor Troy! I hope he is feeling better in no time.

Taryn said...

Ouch, that had to hurt! Those paw injuries are tough to heal too. I wish him a speedy recovery!

Léo said...

Awwww, poor baby Troy. Happy Birthday Fella. And get well soon.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Poor guy! I hope he is on the mend now though. Foot ouchies are a real bummer!