Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extremely disappointed

It seems that Flint River Ranch is now going to be changing their formulas to include chicken fat to replace grape seed and canola oils. They have already made the change to the lamb formula. They claim that dogs who are allergic to the chicken protein are not sensitive to the chicken fat, but I am not going to gamble with Hush.

Because of this new information, I am no longer going to promote this line of food.


Katrin said...

Ugh that SUCKS!!! And it's not true that dogs who are sensitive to chicken proteins aren't sensitive to chicken fat! I'm sorry :-(

Jules said...

I am so sorry. I know how hard you looked for a food you felt comfortable with that was also affordable. And I know Hush liked the food. Stinks.

Holly said...

It does stink. To have the company raise prices then start to change formulas with a less expensive fat option has me very disillusioned.

I am going to switch Hush over to Natural Balance. She can eat 4 different varieties of their LID line.