Sunday, April 14, 2013


 When we bought our home 10 years ago, we did it for the seclusion of our property and not the structure.  Our house is very small.  But that is changing!  The building permit is in hand.

This was our lower dog yard.  Since Leonard will be adding on to what was the kitchen (the white door where the dogs had access to and from the yards) he had to make a secure way to let the dogs into the  upper fenced yard.

This is the access run to the upper yard from our patio.  It kinda reminds me of stock chutes in a cattle yard.  Leonard put gate latches on some of the upper panels in this "chute" so he can bring in equipment and materials to the work site.

This shows the corner of the house and what used to be the stump of our long-lost poplar tree.  He will be adding on 6' to this corner.  This will become our new bedroom.  Our current bedroom is long and narrow (cumbersome) but it will make a fabulous galley kitchen. 

This is the view of the run from the opposite direction.  You can see part of the trunk of the poplar.  This tree had died last year and we were very lucky to have had it cut down last fall, two days prior to "Super Storm Sandy" hitting the area.

Next week, Leonard will start excavating!  Stay tuned!


Errol Sundelowitz said...

THis looks amazing. What a great adventure and how exciting!

solstice kennels said...

Good luck!

Cait said...

How exciting! That's going to be awesome! (I can't believe you've been in your house 10 years!)