Saturday, April 25, 2009

CATCH Bette!

On our travels home from Kansas, I got the phone call from Kris Jansen that Bette earned her CATCH last Sunday!

We are thrilled for you!!


Traci said...

can you explain what that is?? LOL Sorry - I've thought about it, and can't figure it out.... a Championship of SOME sort... but not sure :)
Congrats tho! :) Whoooo hoooo, way to go guys!!! :)

Holly said...

Sure! The C-ATCH is CPE's Championship!


Traci said...

thanks for that :) Congrats again! :)

Kris said...

C-ATCH is the CPE Agility Trial Champion - it is the CPE equivalent of a MACH in AKC or a NATCH in NADAC (there are different requirements for each of these but that's the general idea). Bette is my 3rd Cardigan to achieve this and did it a year quicker than both of my boys.