Friday, May 1, 2009

Sight seeing in Kansas/Missouri

Here are some photos taken on our trip. Considering these are from my cell phone, I think the quality is good.

As we entered the Kansas Turnpike section of I70, there was this picture-perfect farm. It seemed that the minute we drove into Kansas that the wind became eerie. I will never forget the creepy wind.

The flat fields of the ranch were we had the herding trial. Can you see Snickers & Luther romping in the second photo?

On the way back from Salina to Topeka, Genie & I detoured to Abilene to the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Inside The Place of Meditation, the final resting place of Ike, Mame and their first born son, Doud Dwight.

Ike's boyhood home.

Welcome to the Topeka Zoo! The first exhibit were giraffes. We went to the zoo specifically for the Rainforest Exhibit.

Free range flamingos. At first I though they were statues, until they started to move!

A reptile of some sort that was free ranging in the rainforest exhibit.

A momma sloth with a baby clutched to her chest. No cage protecting them from the public.

The lioness, behind plexiglass. Now I know why stupid people get eaten by zoo animals. You should see the idiots tormenting this creature by pawing at her through the glass, and she was pawing right back at them! Parents were encouraging their children to "play with the lion". Urgh!

We detoured into St. Louis on the way home and visited the Gateway Arch. I am afraid of heights and could barely look up at it! No way would I take the tram ride up into it. We wanted to take a river boat ride on the Mississippi but the river was too high and the boat rides were canceled. So, we visited the museum under ground at the arch. It was a nice museum but I thought this was a bit creepy...

Yes, it is a taxidermy Appaloosa horse. I think I prefer mine alive and well in a field. The sad thing is I made an observation that most of the horses roadside in Kansas were very underweight. I hope that they will gain weight and get proper care now that spring is upon us.

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