Monday, December 14, 2009

Just 10 days and 4 hours until Christmas!

I was starting to panic this weekend. We had not decorated yet for the holidays as we were busy with the house. Emma's due date is fast approaching and I need to pack up Christmas before puppies come. So yesterday we put up a little bit of Christmas & I feel much better now.

We did not put up our big tree this year. The little fiber-optic tree went up. It has had rotating cats sleeping under it. This is 14 year old Twister taking a snooze. Pearl already attacked it and had it flying across the room. What fun Christmas is with cats.

The mantle got decorated and cards hung around the entry way. That is the extent of the decorating this year. Maybe next year I can go over board. I have always wanted to make my entire house Christmas-y for the month of December with holiday dishes, sheets, towels... the works. I can dream...

Demi and her angel ornament, which will forever stay on my mantle.

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