Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lost Dog in Florida!

A close relative of our pack has gone missing in Florida, last seen in the Melbourne area. Scary similar to when Eva was lost. FMI please read Amy's new blog.

For photos and info on Fern, please see this page.

Please pray that she is reunited quickly with her family.


Taryn said...

Sending along positive thoughts! I pray she is found safe and sound.

penni said...

Hopefully the owners have been inundated with a list of all the things they should do -- flyers (especially in places that kids frequent), notifying all vets and pet supply/food stores, listing on K-9 Amber Alert, etc.

I'll be thinking good thoughts that little Fern and her family are reunited for Christmas.

Holly said...

With Eva's recent escapade so fresh in our minds, we have inundated the family. They are even borrowing a familiar male dog as well to help mark and make familiar smells.

Thank you for your good thoughts. It will be a wonderful Christmas if she is reunited.

manymuddypaws said...

poor fern! i hope they find her. that's pixels' sister.

jerZgirl said...

I hope she is found!!!