Saturday, October 9, 2010

8wk Puppy Shots

Katrin the Visions Reporter here. Today Miss Julie and I traveled all the way from MA to come and visit with PUPPIES!!! We got lots of video and took some stacked shots of the babies. They are age 8wks 2 days today.

The girls we only got side shots of as it was getting to dark to get decent front shots.

Ann- sticking her tongue out like the cute puppy she is :-)


Brees- (formerly known as Thomas, going home with Terri)




dreameyce said...

Oh! I agree with Cait, Chief is adorable! I'm so so glad Etta is looking like the pick. If you get sick of her, feel free to send here here as a girlfriend, and wrestle buddy for Roy Rogers! heehee

Kaye said...

I'm still soft on Chief (love me those tan pts), maybe we will see him in the show world?

teri said...

Love it! I am impressed that you got them to sit still considering all the WWF matches I see on puppy cam!

manymuddypaws said...

Wow! What a beautiful litter! Chief is gorgeous but LOVE the white headed boy. Oh my.

Taryn said...

I love Ben of the all white face and BEAUTIFUL eyes. I so wish I could have another dog, 'cause I would so be begging for him!