Monday, October 11, 2010

ADCH Olivia!

On Saturday, Olivia completed her USDAA Agility Dog Championship!

From Barb Miller's email...

"I debated going to this trial, just two days before we leave for USDAA Nationals but we were so close to finishing and she has been running so well.

Just to add spice to the run, I got lost on the way to the trial, showed up just as they were building the course - then missed the walk-thru while I was walking all of my other dogs! Hey, no pressure...

Olivia ran a perfect Masters Standard course, then topped off the weekend with by running perfectly in every other class! We didn't qualify in Pairs only because my (ahem, AKC World Team member) partner had a off course.
Thanks, Holly, Olivia IS a Dream! :-)"

I wish Team Olivia much success at the USDAA Nationals!!