Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello from snowy Tennessee.

Treasure, formerly known as Etta, is enjoying the snow in Tennessee. Carolyn, her other "human mum", is not as thrilled with the snow.

Her BFF is Kelly, the sheltie.

Treasure is perfectly named, Visions Mistaken Identity, as she reminds me of her father SO MUCH at this age!


Mockingbird Cardigans said...

Wow - they must be in Upper East - we only go a little spit of snow in Chattanooga.

Funny - but there are two young cardi girls in East Tennessee named Treasure - Cheryl Kienast has one too!

Holly said...

Yes, they are in the NE corner. Carolyn hated the name Etta, which I loved, but she named her as she is a true treasure. Which I do agree with. And you can't have too many treasures. :-)

Jules said...

She looks great! I am so glad to get an update on Ms. Treasure.

Léo said...

Sure can tell she's a Luther kid! She looks just like Celie and Rocky's baby, and so Luther granddaughter, who is now called Zelda.