Monday, March 7, 2011

New Photos

Luther & Lacey's son, Chief, going WD/BOW at his first show, just one week past his 6 month birthday. Officially known as Visions Mischief Maker at Shady Ridge, he is owned/handled/co-bred by Pat Sawtelle.

Star, Visions Dreams Come True, winning her first major. Yes this was back from November, but I was just given the photo. Yes, she is stark naked in this photo. No, the handler did not get a photo of her 2nd major won at Philadelphia.

Sabrina and Luther just taken with my cell phone this afternoon, looking very content on our bed. Luther and his littermates turned 5 on Saturday. I could not find it in me to celebrate his birthday as it is still very bittersweet for me, even though 5 years have past. I may just have to have a combo birthday party in April for both him and Sabrina.


Dawn said...

Congrats on all! Chief is growing into a lovely boy.

Jules said...

All the kids featured look gorgeous!