Thursday, March 24, 2011

What should I put in it?

Our last, and ironically my first, goldfish finally made his journey to the rainbow bridge on Saturday after gracing our tank for 7 years. Not wanting the hassle and work associated with goldfish, we are changing the tank over to tropical freshwater fish.

Yesterday we drained the tank and rinsed all the plants and gravel.

Today I bought a heater, extra plants and I wanted a new background. I previously used aluminum foil as a background. It makes an inexpensive mirror. This time I wanted something different, but I wasn't willing to spend my plant budget on a commercial background. Rita gave me the idea to shop at the dollar store, and on his way home Leonard brought home the beautiful blue table cloth for just $1!!

This is the result, now filled with 30 gallons of water and waiting to get up to temperature...

That is the Titanic. That was the largest expense we had in the tank and it was a "must have" when I saw it on the pet store shelf 5 years ago.

Now I have to pick what pretty tropical fish I will get! I was thinking guppies or mollies, as long as they are bright colored. Maybe even another frog!


Brittany said...

I personally say Sword Tails! If you find a good fish dealer/breeder you can get some very nice sized males and females. I have had swords for many years and they outlast Mollys Guppies and pretty much everything but Neons. I also love the variety of tail lengths and shapes they have now.

Holly said...

I was thinking of swordtails, but I read that the males are aggressive with other males.

Do you have male aggression in your tank?

Dawn said...

We never had bad agression from the swords, they were fun, but they would occasionally take a nip at the fins of others. Also, the little catfish are so much fun to watch. They are not the most colorful, but they are always busy and quite fun fish. Get a couple of those, you wont regret it at all.