Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Now that one of my dogs has food allergies, I got together with a friend who
1. loves to bake
2. used to make gourmet dog treats to sell at craft fairs
3. loves to bake
and together we made these yummy (to the dogs) delights pictured above.

My favorite recipe to make was the ones that are little balls and here is the recipe:

Bacon Bites
1/2 pound of bacon (we used an 8 oz package of real bacon bits)
3.5 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup corn meal
1 1/3 cups warm water
1/4 cup beef broth
3/4 cup olive oil (we used canola oil)

Preheat oven to 350.
Cook bacon until crispy, cool, crumble, reserve the grease bacon was cooked in. (We skipped this step.)
Combine flour, corn meal and crumbled bacon.
Combine water and broth, slowly pour into dry ingredients.
Add oil and mix until it forms a loose dough.
Make balls, drizzle with bacon grease (we skipped this) and bake until firm to the touch, 35-45 minutes.

This recipe produced over 200 treats that bake nice and crunchy. I think I am going to get a melon baller to make them more uniform next time.

Do any of you have an easy recipe to share? I just do not get excited over recipes that have more than 6 ingredients, since unlike my dear friend, I hate to bake.


Cheri said...

hmmm may have to try those for Cage. Since he can't have Chicken and most treats have chicken. What was the recipe for the pretzel things? Though they look a little odd because they are shiny.

Holly said...

Those are a beef broth cookie (was chicken we substituted beef) as well which we drizzled with honey. The honey soaked in overnight and I am storing them in the fridge and feeding first. They LOVE the honey! I am looking for a recipe to incorporate the honey inside, not out as these were a tad messy.

As we work through new recipes, I will post them!

Jules said...

They look awesome. I cannot wait until I get my new oven to try them. The pumpkin bites my boys LOVE do have 8 ingredients, but I pinky swear they are super easy to make and the dogs go crazy for them:

Holly said...

@ Jules - I will experiment with your recipe! :-)

Red Dog Mom said...

I'm not sure I would be willing to share bacon with my dogs :) Maybe really cheap bacon but, not the good stuff I like.