Monday, October 3, 2011

MACH Olivia, Luther's Vacation and a pup-date!!

Lots of stuff going on and I have finally found the time to blog all about it!!

Yesterday morning I got a joyous phone call from Barb Miller to say that Olivia got her MACH!!!
Thank you Barb for "dreaming BIG" with our "Little Dream"!!And for some more news...
On Saturday, Luther flew to Phoenix, AZ. There he is visiting Renay & Jon Crooker and Karen and Shannon Wilson of Sunspark & Kantasia for the winter! What a lucky dog - his humans left behind here in New York wish we could be snow birds too!

Traveling with Luther was Bart, the boy puppy from Snickers x Dallas. He is officially known as Visions Royal Fortune and will be residing in AZ. For now he is the last pup to leave. I may be looking for a show home for Miss Spot once she is back from her Boston vacation with Katrin, assisted by Julie.

The girls we have kept are...Visions Red Sky At Night, aka "Sailor"

andVisions Sapphire Seas, aka "Sea-Sea".


Taryn said...

Congrats on Olivia's MACH! And the two pups you are keeping are both just gorgeous! What beauties!

Traci said...

I look forward to finally meeting Luther in person... and I will HAVE to get a picture of Mia and Mason with their Grandpa Luther too! :)

Léo said...

Great news all around. Congrats!