Friday, March 9, 2012

Got Collie?

A breed I have admired for years has been the Collie. IMHO, they are truly everything that has ever been portrayed by Lassie.

We are thrilled to announce that we are now owned by a 6 month old, smooth coat, sable & white, female named Diamond!

As what happens to newbies on most breeds coming into the dog show world… while it may be a dream to show and raise quality puppies, long timers in your breed of choice can be very snobby and rude. Not so much in Cardigans (THANK GOODNESS – my fellow Cardi people rock!) but I know it to be the case in GSDs and other more popular breeds.

Diamond’s breeder has had the dream to show and raise quality Collies, just like I have been living the dream of showing and raising quality Cardigans. She bought nicely bred dogs. She has done all essential Collie health testing. She has no mentor and no one in the show world has been very pleasant. And, it seems everyone in our local area wants a Rough Collie for a companion, not a Smooth.

If you know of someone who would like a nice Smooth Collie, please contact Becky at

She really needs to get these puppies into their own homes, sooner rather than later. The have all vaccines (including rabies), they have been CERFd, microchipped and are very well socialized!! They are crate trained, housebroken and leash trained as well.

She will let them go very reasonably to the right home, references and a fenced yard are required. And I can say that in my limited Collie knowledge, that there may be a show prospect or two!! Diamond is a lovely pup, but her one sister has “more” and if someone is interested in crossing over to the legged side, this may be your opportunity!!

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Erin T said...

Yay for Sable Collies! I am raising a 5 month old sable, named David for the Guide Dog Foundation! I love him to death!

Erin & David
Chronicles of a Puppy Walker