Friday, March 2, 2012

Just some candid photos.

My dear friend Carolyn, who now lives in Tennessee, was here to visit last week. We had to bring her the puppies! The last time she saw Sailor and Sea Sea was when they were newborns. She was in town and kind enough to drive me to the vet and stay with me all day, after Leonard & I were up all night, for the c-section.

Carolyn has Sabrina's blue sister, Charm. Charm only had the one litter and her daughter Lulu (sired by Maverick, CH Sisterwood Shady Ridge Top Gun) lives in the next town with another great friend, Susan. Susan and Carolyn finally met and Lulu had a reunion with her mum!

Carolyn enjoyed being reunited with the girls and it was so good to see her. I miss having her close by.

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Jules said...

Awww! That is very cool.