Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank you, my friends.

As many of you know, we lost Star's mother, Demi, during a c-section, when Star was born. I was devastated beyond belief, but thankful for her gift to us of her pups to go forward with. This is only my second litter since then.

When Star was just not progressing in her labor and the call was made to take her in to the clinic, I was calm and collected. Everything went smoothly. It was a long night. I was home alone and still had to take care of my other dogs and get the new family settled in. It was after 3:00 am before I was able to go to bed. Keep an ear open for the pups, I only had 3 hours of broken sleep.

When I woke yesterday morning and read our Mare Stare thread and with all the support from you all here on my blog, I saw how many people were praying for us, I knew that the Lord was with us that night. There is no other explanation for how I was able to handle the situation, and have it go as stress-free and smoothly as it did, without Him being there for us. So THANK YOU my friends for sending those prayers.


Garrett808 said...

I'm so glad Holly that everything went so well for you :) I know losing Demi was a hard hard thing that I wish upon no one. I do look forward to watching these pups grow up!

Pr. Jeri said...

The babies are so beautiful...and I am so sorry that your lost your Demi girl.

Love, +Jeri and my Susie