Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good stuff, bad stuff and ... deja vu?

1. I miss the pups. Star & pups are doing great. Star's humans missed them too and are now happy to have everyone back so they can watch them grow before their eyes. I guess it evens out.

2. I hate the real estate game.
Our contract expires 4/11 and I can't wait. I spent all day trying to get things back in order from an insanely crazy weekend for a 6:30 pm showing. They were early, it was chaos with the dogs as I had just fed them (hoping to have them fed & happy before people came) and the people had no interest in the house and never came in. That is our last showing. I can't do it again as I have to focus on getting ready for Kansas.

3. Hips again. We xrayed Chloe. I sent them in to both OFA and OVC to see how bad they think they are. There is no way they should pass. This makes me sit back and think of all the people who say bad hips never bother a Cardigan. Chloe at the age of 2 is sound running around and playing but she cannot jump in our vehicle or on our bed, which my other dogs can. Needless to say I am very disappointed. She will never be bred.

4. Deja vu or deja bleu?


Jules said...


Anonymous said...

Where did the babies & Star go?

dreameyce said...

Oh damn, I was REALLY excited about the Chloe and Luther litter :( Damn. You're doing the right thing, but still, DAMN! :( Oh well, I still dream of brindle Luther kids someday!

I keep thinking you "need" the patched Bronte puppy... Hopefully it works out ;)

I can't wait to finally meet you! I'm in a mad rush for the nationals. Eeek. SO much to do, so little time!

penni said...

So sorry, Holly -- I really understand. At 3-1/2, Kip can trot (albeit stiffly in the rear), and play, but he can't jump onto the floorboard of the car. We are going to try to get through Open (8" jump) the end of May, but that's as far as I'm going to make him go. Sure there's no manifestation of HD in Cardis!

StubbyDog said...

Oh, sorry about Chloe, Holly. I didn't have breeding plans for my Leo (Kip's brother), but it was still a bummer to see his xrays and see him start to get stiff after exercise. I *did* have agility hopes for him, but when he started showing symptoms I decided not to.

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

I am very sorry for you ....I know how you feel Holly, Been there done that , it is heart breaking. I have a 2 1/2 yr old that is the love of my hubby. She is to the point of where obedience may not even be possible because she hurts when she trys to sit. They are related.

"But HD does not affect a Cardigan" what a joke!!!!!!
But there are so many who think it is still a joke to test for HD and still breed. Them that test and get a bad report and still breed. But that is improving the breed in their minds ......

Léo said...

I'm sorry about Chloe, Holly. hugs.

The baby picture is beautiful..

C-Myste said...

Having been there recently with my placing of Digger, I know how much it hurts. In his case he wasn't exhibiting symptoms and is/was a terrific jumper. But I have seen enough who have had symptoms to not want to pass heartbreak on to future generations and their owners.

But d*mn, I still miss him. I can't do some of this anymore.

Holly said...

Jinnie, I co-own Star and I brought her here to whelp. She & pups are now back with her human family!

The hip thing sucks and I know I am doing the right thing. My hat is off to those who do pull dysplastic dogs from the gene pool. Kudos to you!!

Emily, I too was looking forward to brindle Luther pups. It will happen just not this year out of my home.

The blue pup is not a Bronte pup but from an exciting litter down south. This was a nice surprise and I am hoping she will turn out!