Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 days old

2 pounds

1.5 pounds

1.5 pounds

They leave tomorrow to go to their other humans. We will miss them!


Jules said...

They are so darling!!

a corgi said...

they are so cute!! I'm confused Holly; are they going to their new homes at such a young age??? I must have missed something?????


Holly said...

The pups are still totally dependent on Mum. I never place pups into perm homes until a minimum of 9 weeks.

I co-own Star with good friends. We brought Star here to have her pups.

She goes back to them, with her entire brood, today. I am getting ready to leave for our National very soon and cannot have them here :-(. We will miss them!

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

nice babies holly and oh so cute

Sherilyn said...

Very nice job with the puppies, they are adorable! I know you will miss them as it's hard to send them off, no matter what age, but I'm really glad you're coming to Nationals! :) See you there!