Tuesday, November 17, 2009

APPLAUSE to great repro vets!

I want to say it has been a pleasure to work with a GREAT repro clinic about an hour from my home.

I missed shipping to a bitch last year using a the local vet. We had a trial collection at this facility but it was in an exam room and that was fine. When it came down to "D Day", they put us in the euthanasia room for Luther's collection. Luther said "no way" and it was a nightmare.

So I found a repro vet. They are exceptional. Luther has been there twice for "trial runs" with no issues. Yesterday we went for the "real deal". Luther couldn't wait to go in the exam room and everything went fine. This facility uses Sperm Vision for semen evaluation. The resulting report is 4 pages long, and even has a photo of the spermies included! No mix up on males with this facility as THEY take a photo of the dog that is included on the report. They also kept a small sample of the extended semen in their fridge as a "control", to check if there was an issue with the shipped sample. As far as cost go, they were very reasonable considering the professionalism and attention to detail that the gave.

The receiving vet was beyond estatic with the "package" and report. The "Little Luthers" arrived in great condition and hopefully more Luther puppies will be arriving in 60 days or so!


dreameyce said...

Woo hoo! It's great to have a great chilled puppies experience! Fingers crossed for a beautiful litter of bouncing puppies :)

penni said...

It's great to work with vets that really understand the ins and outs of repro (no pun intended). Unfortunately, there are a lot of vets out there claiming to be repro vets that do not follow the accepted protocol. We spend a lot of money to have it done the right way and it's very disappointing when the vet makes a stupid error. I'm glad you found someone near you that knows what he/she/they are doing.

Fingers crossed for a nice litter.

Jules said...

Oh...can't wait for an update and I am so glad this was NOT a stressful experience for you! Yay!!

Jules said...

I should say, I am so glad it wasn't a stressful experience for Luther!!

Holly said...

Luther was very happy to be there. :-D