Sunday, November 29, 2009

Calendar Stars

Mare Stare is where I host my web cam when we have pups. They also have a 501.c charity called Mare Stare Cares to help people with unexpected and enormous vet bills that arise from foaling. As a fundraiser, every year they do a calendar with photos of Mare Stare clients.

This year, the month of February features Visions Cardigan Welsh Corgis! We have three photos in a collage:
1. Our handsome Luther
2. 5 of the Dream pups at about 12 weeks old:
Star, baby Luther, Roxy, Destiny & Honor-Bug
3. Sabrina's last litter at about 4 weeks old, sleeping in typical Cardi fashion:
Magnet, Emma, Darla & Inky

Please click for more informnation and a preview of the calendar which also includes the most adorable mini donkeys, goats, and of course, horses of all sizes.


Chrissy said...

Very Cute! There's no way they couldn't pick your puppies!

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

very cool