Friday, April 30, 2010

Recap of Luther's National week!

A recap of Luther's National Week:

4/25/2010 - passed ATTS Temperament Test right before we left for the National

4/26/2010 - finished his Rally Novice title

4/27/2010 - Runner Up Black Dog in the National Megan Competition (a Champions Only Match, in formal attire, with classes separated by color and gender.)

4/29/2010 - 2nd Herding Titled Dog!

We are thrilled with his placings all week!!!


Taryn said...

What a great week Luther had! Congratulations!

It was nice meeting you at the National!

Crazy Cardiness said...

Yeah Holly!! Congrats to both you and Luther!

Carol said...

WOW! Great week. Congrats to Luther (and you too!)

k9krazy10 said...

Many many congratulations! What a great National for you guys!

Léo said...

Daughter Panda and her nieces and nephews are all wagging their tails!!

Katrin said...

Congrats Holly!!!!!!!!!!!

Errol said...

Congratulations to you and your boy Luther! What a good week. I, his son and granddaughter are all proud of him!