Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Titles in Two Days!

Yesterday, Leonard & I were up at dawn and headed north up to Mahogany Ridge where Out of the Pits sponsored an ATTS Temperament Test. It is the only TT in our area all year. The group was wonderful, and when I explained that I need to leave the same day to drive to our National Specialty, they were nice enough to let Luther be the first dog.

When we arrived for the TT, I had several people ask if he was "the famous Luther". It seems one of the volunteers, Sheila, trains at MR and owns Zsa Zsa's sister, Abby, whom we had met up with last summer! Luther had his fan club ready and waiting for him.

While I was in the walk through, Luther was with Leonard, charming up the crowd ringside, including getting scratches from the person who was to be the "weird stranger". I had a panic moment wondering if he just made friends with this person, would he still want to protect me?

Luther is not be fooled. When the weird stranger made his stick banging approach in the test, he was very alert and at the end of the lead barking. Good boy!! We passed nicely and we should receive his TT certificate in 6-8 weeks. I know Luther has a phenomenal temperament and now I have official documentation to prove it!

We then said good bye to Leonard and left the test site to head to Gettysburg. The route I was taking took me right by the town a Cyber Foaling & Mare Stare message board friend lives. Cheryl is also a professional photographer who took some lovely photos of Miss Olivia. We met at a truck stop, played with the dogs, and had a wonderful converastion! I did meet Cheryl's husband, a friend and their dog too! What a nice bunch of people. It was a perfect break during the trip.

I made it down to Gettyburg in good time yesterday. Today we played in Rally again. With no training for the past two weeks, and practically no warm up (all my fault folks - blame me and my stupid back) Luther did Q! We have a beautiful Q rosette and a New Title rosette too!

Luther is now CH Visions I Have A Dream PT, CGC, TT*, RN* - *pending confirmation.

My "kids" and their "humans" have done very well so far here at the National. So many Q's and nice placements I have lost track right now. All I can say is I am so very proud of ALL of you!!!!!


penni said...

Good job on both Rally and the TT!

Isn't it the most amazing feeling when your dogs hits the end of the leash at the approach of the "weird stranger" and says, "You go through me to get to her." It's a shame the tests are so few and far between.

Katrin said...

Congrats!! That's awesome!!

Dawn said...

WOW, Way to go Luther! Congrats to both of you.

Crazy Cardiness said...

WTG and congrats on all the titles and legs for your kids! I love ATTS used to help run the tests here lots of fun to watch all the different breeds run through.

cheri said...

*hugs* Huge Congrats! It was great to finally meet you!