Friday, June 17, 2011

The "cow" collection

I think I really want to start to collect cows.

Luther was my first. We have always lovingly called him our "bull".

Remember this great pin/pendent that Emily made of him?

As of Wednesday, we acquired an "ox". Meet Ben! His owner was unable to keep him and I got a frantic call from his pet sitter asking if I knew of someone who could foster him. We said "Sure, we can do short term foster." When I met him, I knew he was the big dog I was looking for!!

Ben is a 5 year old (shares the same birthday as Skunk & Lulu) oversized English Springer Spaniel. We adore his goof-ball personality!


Jules said...

Awww! What a cutie!

teri said...

Are you his new for ever home? He is wicked cute!

Holly said...

Yes, we are his new forever home! :-D