Sunday, June 19, 2011

Del Val Specialty

What a gorgeous day today has been! The sun was out, a beautiful breeze was blowing...

Last night I drove down from New York, stayed with our good friend, Genie, and was off today for the Del Val Specialty. This was only the 2nd time I have been able to go to this lovely show in PA. BTW... how many of you have heard of Ludwig's Corner, PA? could not even find it!

But, it seems that Pastor Jim from Trinity Lutheran Church was a past pastor at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Ludwig's Corner! And it was only 1 mile from the show site. Since we were early, we did a quick detour and took this photo of St. Matthew's.

Isn't it just gorgeous in the morning glow?

Hush happened to be in season, but Debbie Moore was still willing to show her. It was a great call as she was Winners Bitch and Best Bred By! Thank you judge Steve Gladstone!! Here is all her loot...

Debbie was a real trooper as she then took Luther in for me, and he was a wild man since "his girl" was in season. Genie had Sabrina's brother (and Luther's half-brother), Tiller. Both boys were awarded Awards of Merit! Hush's half-sister was Best of Opposite.

I must say that this was a great show weekend! Congratulations to all the winners! There were some lovely dogs present.

And, thank you Penni for the "good luck" pendant as it certainly worked today!


notenuffcats said...

What an awesome weekend! Congrats to the Visions Crew!

Jules said...

Yay!! I am so glad you all had such a fabulous weekend and wonderful weather to boot!

Taryn said...