Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The inhabitants of the fish tank...

It has been a bit since I posted on my fish tank. The guppy didn't last 2 days and a month later my favorite fish, the dalmatian mollie, died of ick. I was very upset. Reading comments from my first blog post on this topic, I was unable to find nice swordtails at any of the local (15 mile radius) stores.

Now we have 5 store bought platies and one homebred! Well mum came pregnant and one of the fry survived. (L-R) top row: male sunburst micky mouse, female red mickey mouse, my two sunburst females in different shades. Below the suburst is a female white mickey mouse platy. Under her, a little to the left in the plant, you will see a light speck which is the surviving fry of the lighter sunburst, on the far right.

In this photo you can see the youngster on the left diagonally under the filter intake (probably 6 weeks old now) and two of my three pink glo-fish. Unseen in the photo, the fry does have twin tail fin bars, so maybe it was sired by a twinbar platy. I can't wait to watch her grow. EDITED: I did verify that the fry is female.

Photographic proof that we do have a frog in the 30 gallon tank. His name is now Waldo as I can never find him, and have gone for over a week at a time not knowing if he was still a resident. He was at the top of the tank this evening and I was able to snap this not so good photo (which makes him look larger than he is.

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