Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Puppy Flash Back

Hey Katrin that is Baby Monty up front with Uncle Tristan babysitting! At less than a week old in this photo, Tristan has always adored the newborns. He would take it upon himself to be their guardian. And my mums would always let Tristan and the rest of the pack see the babies. When we lost Demi and came home with the basket full of orphans, he and Sabrina took care of pottying pups after we bottle fed. And how upset Tristan was when I brought the orphans to the foster mum and came home empty handed!

What a great dog he is. And he is enjoying his "harem" and being the sole male dog of his new home.


Katrin said...

So cute to see baby Monty! Also excellent that your bitches are sound tempered enough to allow other animals- dogs, cats, humans to handle their pups!

Crazy Cardiness said...

Very cute pic Holly! Tristan is so sweet:-)

Jules said...

Baby Monty!! Tristan is a very lucky dog.