Thursday, January 28, 2010

Six words

Patricia McConnell recently lost one of her dogs, Lassie, and wrote an interesting blog post about author Earnest Hemingway challenging his friends to write a story in 6 words. She then challenged her readers to write a 6 word story about their dog.

I will describe all of mine.

Sabrina: Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess

Luther: Court Jester. Loves sheep. Goofy. Smart.

Snickers: Sweet as sugar. Snuggles. Overlooked beauty.

Zsa Zsa: Devil with a blue dress on.

Magnet: Pet me. Pet me again. Now!

Emma: Daddy's girl. Rub my belly. Again.

Troy: Cat like. Home body. Love bug.


Taryn said...

Holly, not only do we share the same birthday, we think alike! Did you see my post on Six Words? I, too, follow Trisha, and posted the six word challenge! I think we have proven great minds think alike :-)

Taryn said...

I thought I would re-do my six words here, given a second opportunity.

My dear Dylan:
Heart Dog. Always There. Frisbee Fanatic!

Sweet Momma's Boy. Rather Stay Home.

Loves People. Joyful. Wild. Incredibly cute.

Anonymous said...

Like father, like son. I would use those same words to describe Liam.

manymuddypaws said...

cool!!!! i will totally do this today!

Jules said...

I really like Snickers and Zsa zsa's!

Barb said...

Olivia's remains: "It's a party, Just for me!