Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Web Cam

Welcome to my home. This is your invitation to join us for the whelping and rearing of our litter of pups.

I have my webcam hosted with Mare Stare. You get wonderful service for the small fee you pay. For now the cam is on from 9am - 9pm daily. When Emma goes into labor, we will have it on 24/7.

We have an active thread on the Mare Stare forum for Emma. While there, look around! It is a wonderful community! Watch some of the cams. Open up the Barn Alarm which will alert you when a mum-to-be in labor. Send good thoughts for the new arrivals and pray for those who need His help. Most of all, have fun!

1 comment:

Sharrie said...

All my best for an uneventful successful whelp for you and Emma.