Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2 Photos

Boy #1. The only pup without a full white collar. 12 oz at birth, 14 oz today.

Boy #2. 11 oz at birth, 14 oz today. He's a piglet! Sorry you can't see his tan cheeks from this view.

Boy #3. 7.5 oz at birth, 8.5 oz today. He is very active and feisty!

Yup, he's tan pointed! I am thrilled that all 3 boys are, and looking under the tail is the best way to tell.

Girl #1 (Luthertte). 8 oz at birth, 10 oz today. She is not a mismark. Luther had the same markings as a newborn. All white markings shrink as they grow.

Girl #2. 9 oz at birth, 11 oz today.

A brindle pointed puppy bum.

We do have a theme finally picked out for the pups. Since they missed being born on Friday the 13th, this is the "miss" litter. Some suggestions have been:

Visions Near Miss
Visions Hit Or Miss
Visions Missed By A Mile
Visions Miss Congeniality
Visions Did You Miss Me
Visions Little Miss Sunshine
Visions Miss America
Visions Miss Manners
Visions Didn't Miss a Thing
Visions Missed The Mark (possibly for the white headed boy?)


penni said...

Misstery Man?

It's a cute theme -- and they look great.

HeatherM said...

What a delight to see an owner take fantastic care of mother and babies, that sees to their every need. Holly, you are a great grandmother. You are so loving and caring to your animals. I've even seen you with the cats. They love you. That says alot about an owner.

All the babies are gaining weight beautifully. Good going there, Lacey. You must have good rich milk. You are quite a little mommie. The "kids" don't like those bottom cleanings, though.

Such fun to watch these babies grow and already fighting for a nipple. Won't be long before they are playing and pulling on each other's ears.

Holly said...

@Penni - that name is GREAT for #3. I love it!

@HeatherM - thank you for your compliments.

I am thrilled with what a wonderful, healthy mum Lacey is and how content these babies are.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Beautiful healthy babies Holly! Again congrats, I know you are thrilled!

Tiffany said...

what about... Vision's Miss Temptation?

Visions Unmisstakable?
Vision's Can't be Missed

I am blanking out tonight with creative names!

Whoever ends up with one these pups is sure lucky!!! I'm envious!

Jules said...

So cute! Especially the Lutherette! I can't wait to see them grow up and who gets which name.

Taryn said...

They are all so gorgeous! I love the little black dot on Boy # 3!

Kaye said...

Was it a suprise for you that Luther carried for tan pts.? Very pretty puppers!!

Sherilyn said...

Gorgeous babies!! Can't wait to watch them grow. :)

jerZgirl said...

So cute!!!

littlecorgi said...

Lovely, thank you for sharing! Is the webcam still operating and if so, when?