Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In labor!

Lacey was very uncomfy all day and I prob missed her temp drop during the wee morning hours. It was 99.9 at 11pm last night, and 98.6 at 6:30am.

She has been nesting all day and refused her chicken for lunch. Her water broke at 5:10pm tonight.

Stay tuned!


Lani said...

Good luck, Lacey! I'm looking forward to pictures of you lovely pups!

Sharrie said...

Sending best wishes for everything from Zippy and Little Beaver and me.

Anne said...

I found your webcam through a post by Deb, who's girl Jemma is half-sister to my girl Katie. My heart aches watching Lacey seem so uncomfortable, and I wish you both well with the upcoming delivery.