Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peepers! And thanks!

Guess who had the first eye opening experience last night?

The little guy!

The rest of his F-A-T siblings napping, as all good puppies do! These are the most content pups we have ever had. Leonard is very impressed, thinking they should be named Quiet, Good, etc...

I want to thank all of you for the well wishes on my new position. I am now the new church secretary for a lovely congregation only 4 minutes from home! It is the perfect setting, lovely people, perfect location and great hours!

I really did enjoy doing the CWCCA Newsletter and Handbook over the past few years and I only gave up the newsletter when it did interfere with my then full time job. Funny how that job vanished a couple months later... Now I can do the same for this organization as my job!

Life is good.


Jules said...

Yay for our little mismark!!

Katrin said...

so cute!!!!

Traci said...

want the newsletter back, Holly?? ;-)
Congrats again - I hope you find the happiness that it sounds like you will! :)

Crazy Cardiness said...

Such over acheivers you have Holly!:-))

Susan said...

But of course! These white headed dogs are gifted!!!