Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 4

Look how content these guys are! They just had their dew claws removed, still in the car on the way home. They fell right to sleep, never even noticed what happened!

My vet is AWESOME! He said they would be fine to be done on day 4 and he was not kidding. They had the pups in the back for about 10 minutes and brought me back a basket of content, napping puppies. He loved how well Lacey is doing and how gorgeous the pups were.

We go back again next Monday for Lacey's staples to be removed.


Léo said...

Both litters I've had I did the dewclaws at home, with expert help of course. But I'm thinking it would be nicer to make my vet do it next time.

Thanks for the puppy fix.

Jules said...

They look quite content! I am so glad the vet is happy with everyone's health.