Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last from a legend...

Yesterday we learned of the passing of the Grand Lady of Cardigans, Mrs. Helen Bole Jones of Kennebec. For those not in our breed, it was Helen's grandmother, Roberta Holden Bole, who brought the first Cardigans into the United States in 1932. To read about Mrs. Bole, please visit click here.

I only had the opportunity to meet Helen only on a couple occasions - and I so wish I had the opportunity to meet her sooner and get to know her longer. Aside from being a wonderful woman who so loved and cherished her dogs, she was a living encyclopedia of the Cardigan. On a side note, she was a wonderful chef with such gracious hospitality!

We are blessed to have our Chloe, Kennebec Visions of Ireland, from the last litter she bred with her husband, Robert Caldwell. The picture above was taken the day before we brought Chloe home. (L-R) sister Feather, brother Finnegan & our Chloe, at 12 weeks of age.

Feather, aka CH Kennebec Tickle My Fancy, did some wonderful winning - including 1st 12-15 Puppy Sweeps & 2nd Open Bitch at the 2008 Nationals.

Rest in peace dear Helen. Your legacy will continue and you will never be forgotten!


Anonymous said...

A nice tribute to Helen, I too only got to meet her in recent years. PJ of course is co-bred by Helen. I was so happy that she got to see him do well at the nationls this past year.

Holly said...

This was a fabulous National for Helen & Bob - and I am so glad I was there to watch. PJ, Harvey, Feather - all did so well!

So glad you have PJ and I can't wait to watch his pups grow up.

dreameyce said...

I never got to meet Helen, but I've had great respect for her, and awe over her dogs since I first got into the breed.

It's always a shame to loose a 'great', but I'm thankful she put so much into the breed through her life. Cardigans are all better, thanks to the work she dedicated her life to.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I still can't believe he lives with me sometimes, he is a wonderful dog. Not only is he handsome he is just the sweetest boy. I hope he passed that along to his kids.