Saturday, November 29, 2008

Magnet at 6 Months

I am very happy with how our little man is growing up!

He now has his own webpage.


Garrett808 said...

I had no idea you even had a litter! Where have I been!?! He looks to be pretty promising! Congrats Holly!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the black and white boys!

And, of course, blue merle girls and red-and-white boys ;-)

He's gorgeous!

Holly said...

Hey Garrett - I even had this litter on web cam - LOL!

I needed another black & white boy... let's rephrase... I needed another boy... like a hole in the head but we adore the not so little guy! He really is a sweetie and stole my heart from day one.

dreameyce said...

How'd I miss a puppy cam!!!!! That's WRONG!!

He's a looker. Defiantly took after the good looks of each parent :)

Jules said...

Magnet is such a handsome boy.

Katrin said...

Handsome chap!