Thursday, November 27, 2008

Under the big lights!

Luther was only shown in the line up (and he was not fond of the spotlight - but hey it was only his 3rd time in group) and briefly waiting his turn after the Bouvier.

His regular handler was in the ring with the Puli (also she also got a 4th in the Hound Group with the Wire Dachshund) so her assistant took him in the ring. Luther was not set up properly on the table (his front was too wide) but other than that I am so proud of our boy!

PS: Thank you Julie for showing me how to embed the video!


coopercreek said...

We had company, so I almost forgot to watch. I turned on the TV just in time for the herding group. I saw Luther in the line up and was dissappointed that they didn't show more of him. Thanks for the link, so I could see him. He's a nice, nice boy!! Have fun specialing him, and I look forward to meeting you both in April. Hope you'll be able to make it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your boy!!!! Thanks for the link!

dreameyce said...

I didn't catch him on TV (I must not have been in the room when he was shown :(), but I saw him this morning on the website!

I wish he'd been handled better, but he still looked stunning! Even with all that white (Sorry, I personally prefer minimal white ;0P) I still find him incredibly handsome!

If only you and the crew were moving to OR, instead of TN so I could see him often! heehee I still can't wait to meet his Oregonian kids in person!

Jules said...

We watched the whole show waiting for Luther. Thanks for the link, Holly. Can't wait to share it with my family!

StubbyDog said...

Glad to see him! I missed it on TV, so yay. :o)

Holly said...

Thank you all for your support. *HUGS* to each of you!

I must admit I was disappointed but know my boy will do great things as he gets more experience with the handlers.

Anonymous said...

We were happy to see him, my Mom even said "why didn't we get to see Luther again".

Congrats on his start to the big time.

Garrett808 said...

my entire extended Ramsay family sat and watched the entire dog show instead of football! I'm proud of myself! :) We were all bummed that he didn't get more "air time" but I did forward the link to my relatives as we all felt short changed! We'll keep looking for him! :)

Susan said...

I was fortunate enough to be in Reading to see Luther in both the breed ring and the group ring. What a hoot! In the breed ring he was really working it for the Judge! He had great rapport with Barbara who was so good with him. Was thrilled when he earned Best of Breed.

The dog show was packed and it was difficult to get into the seating for the broadcast of the groups and Best in Show. But I found a nice lady who snuck me into the Breeder/Handler seating.

I caught the end of the hounds then the Herding Group started. I was surprised to see Barbara handling the Puli and her colleague with Luther. While they were waiting old Luther was barking and having a great time! he was standing on his hindm legs and looking over the railing at the audience and mugging for the crowd.

When it was time to get serious, he was Mr. Pro! The goofing off stopped and he strutted around the ring like a Champ.

Congrats Holly! He is such a sweet boy. But the barking in the ring.... made me feel better about Lulu's chatter. He was enchanting!

Holly said...

Thanks Susan! I am glad that people "N THE FLESH" got to see my goofy, loveable boy!

Hugs to Tuck & Lulu!

Random thoughts of Donna said...

I thought Luther got ripped off with air time. Personally, I think Corgis get short changed. He did a great job. Wish he'd had a better handler but maybe in the future. I know first hand that he shows better for Barb. Oh well, maybe next time we will be there cheering him on. Great job, Holly!!!