Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Betta

I am a glutton for punishment. I brought home another crowntail betta from the store we bought Patriot from. We have had him for 3 days and he is much more active than "pale fish" but he does not have an appetite. I am feeding tiny meals (2x a day) to keep offering food and I think he may have eaten only one or two pellets over the 3 days. Not nearly enough. I even offered bloodworms and while Patriot eats them ravenously, this new fish lets the float there.

He is a very striking fish. This pet store kept them in plastic cups with dyed water (blue) so you do not have an idea of what there actual color is. I thought he was more white. Oh well. He is still very pretty! My camera cannot capture is true turquoise striped with white color. I have no idea why it makes him look green.


Jules said...

I missed this post! Congratulations!! he is beautiful.

I have heard that Hikari Betta Revive is awesome for Betta's that are under the weather (from my fish-friend!).

Holly said...

Thanks Julie! I will pick some up!

a corgi said...

he's beautiful! wishing you luck with this one