Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Possible Olivia sighting on Animal Planet

It seems that Miss Olivia *may* have a small cameo in Animal Planet's "Dogs 101" - the episode featuring the Pembroke (and wonderfully enough, the Vizsla*). Barb Miller sent me an email saying that her herding instructor was watching the episode and there was a little shot of a Cardigan to compare and she said it had to be Olivia. Barb then remembered that Animal Planet did tape Olivia last year at an agility trial.

I scanned Animal Planet for the next few days and it seems that this episode will be aired again on Sunday 1/18 at 4:00 pm EST. I have set the DVR to record it. Hopefully we can see if it truly is our "little girl" or not.

* Side note: For those who do not know, Olivia & Luther, and the rest of our "Dream litter", were orphaned at birth and raised by a Vizsla. For this we are forever grateful.

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Jules said...

Very cool! Go Olivia!

I know Bug (aka Honor, also of the Dream litter) LOVES Viszlas as a result. It's comical.