Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sisters reunited! Destiny & Roxy

Destiny (Visions What Dreams May Come) is pictured with her sister Roxy (Visions Dream Believer). She is settling in very well in her new home. Her new "parents", Cindy & Brad, are very happy with her. Cindy is very good friends with Patty, who has Roxy!

These girls haven't seen each other since they were 9 months old. And when they visit on the weekends, they are the best of friends!

Thank you Cindy & Patty for loving our girls!


Jules said...

Hooray for Destiny - and Roxy. That is super. And what photogenic ladies.

a corgi said...

they are so cute! and interesting that although they hadn't seen each other for awhile, they still probably recognized each other!

enjoy your weekend


Susan said...

That's great for Destiny!

Every now and then I wonder how Lulu and Skunk would be together after all this time.

They were the last 2 pups from their litter before Lulu came home with me. I can't help wonder if they would remember each other and how they terrorized Tucker the day I came to pick her up!