Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh where, oh where has my washer and dryer gone?

My hand-me-down washing machine of 20+ years finally died. So Sunday we went out and purchased a new Whirlpool set from a home improvement store.

1. I am so excited to have a BRAND NEW washer & dryer. This is such a blessing to us!

2. I am so tired of lugging to the laundry mat in this cold and stormy weather!

We were to have the set delivered today and I was planning to spend my day catching up on all the week's worth of laundry. I arrive home from bringing Leonard to his truck just at the start of the appointment window. The delivery truck is here already and blocking my driveway so I could not pull in.

The delivery men are worried about the truck and the driveway and the snow. Hmmm... We're in Upstate NY in January and have had light snow every night for days... This should not have been that shocking.

Anyway, they back the truck up and straight into the ditch. *sighs*

We are waiting for the tow truck. I had to leave my own truck on the opposite side street as I cannot get in my own driveway at all now. I went into the house to let the dogs out when the delivery man is coming down to the house. I can see he is hesitant and doesn't even want to approach the house. Turns out he is terrified of dogs. *sigh*

OK - the dryer is now damaged and cannot be delivered. The way our laundry room is set up, the dryer has to be installed before the washer. *sigh*

I told them I do not want the washer that was on the truck that went into the ditch. Hopefully tomorrow they will re-deliver a new set. Maybe then I can catch up on Mount Clothesmore that is growing every day...


Garrett808 said...

ok I have a mt clothesmore too! What a great name! Between work clothes, barn clothes, knock around clothes and going out clothes I seem to always have plenty of laundry to do. Oh and the dog cratepads and towels! Those are the ones I'm always washing! :)

Good Luck! I can't wait to see a photo of the NEW appliances!

a corgi said...

it will be so good once it gets all hooked up; and you are right you don't want damaged goods; I'm amazed the other ones lasted so long!

here in Southern California delivery/service people won't come in unless the dogs are crated or caged in another room; too many have been bitten so most companies have that policy; minute the repair person comes I tell them just a minute and put Koda in his crate and then they'll come in

It does get tiring to go to the laundermat doesn't it? and in winter it must not be fun either


penni said...

A hundred years ago when I was first married, my new mother-in-law handed down her washing machine to us. We had it repaired, and repaired, and repaired. When it was probably 30 years old, a repairman came to the house, looked at the machine and said, "Ma'am, haven't you gotten your money's worth yet?" That's when I got my first brand new washer and dryer.

Enjoy the shiny new appliances --

Jules said...

oh no!! I hope it arrives soon. We also have a Mount Clothesmore and no washer/dryer in the house. I abhor the trudge with over-filled laundry baskets. need I say I am jealous?

Holly said...

Oh Julie, I feel for you!

The new set is here. Very nice men delivered it. I am already on load 3...

Sherilyn said...

Happy laundry to you! Enjoy the nice new washer and dryer! I'm jealous!! LOL I have our old cheap ones that I'm praying don't wear out for a while! Rus and I decided we want the uprights when it comes time to replace, and I haven't been good at saving up for those...too many other expenses keep popping up!

Holly said...

Penni - you certainly got your money's worth from your first set. Don't you wish they still made them that well? I am hoping we get 20 yrs from this set.

Sherilyn - we didn't get anything fancy. A simple,top loader. I am just happy it has an softener dispenser and an energy saving auto dry!

Working on load 7 as I type...

Anonymous said...

Hey, your driveway is VERY tricky. I do not miss all the ice and snow up there at ALL!

Holly said...

Cait - I bet you don't miss the snow! Our house is on the market as we hope to move to Tennessee.

Yes, our drive can be tricky to back out of but this was backing in. We didn't think the drive should have been that tricky for a professional driver though. Leonard gets the cab of his tractor trailer in all the time.

The driver on day 2 (a different person who was not terrified of dogs) had no problems, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

OMG WHERE IN TN? (Can I come by and visit and squish Tristan? I miss him!) My aunt and uncle and about a zillion cousins are in TN and I'm up there about twice a year.

Holly said...

If we ever sell the house, we are moving to the NE corner of TN. Carolyn & Mack (my GSD/Sheltie friends)has been there for going on 5 years now and they love it!

And you must come and visit and squish on Tristan! The grumpy old man would love it!!

Susan said...

When I lived in Cleveland I came home one day to find my house had been broken into and robbed.

The first thing I did?

I ran down to the basement to make sure they didn't steal my washer and dryer!

Yes, they are wonderful conveniences!