Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rescued Betta!

OK! Because I miss my white Betta, I did go out and set up another 1 gallon tank. Patriot is absolutely stunning and is doing very well, but I missed having my white fish. I have had the tank set up for a few days and have been on the search. It's a hard search. No whites to be found anywhere. But then again, Frosty was the first white I had ever seen in a pet store (actually Wally World).

So we went to BJ's last night up in Albany. There is a Petco in the same plaza. This is not my favorite store as I always find them over priced, cramped and not the cleanest. But, something told me to go in.

They had a small selection of Bettas. The most active fish I saw was a Crown Tail who was white bodied, black marbling and blue tipped fins. Different. They actually had several Crown Tails. But I was drawn to a pale, normal finned male. The fish associate was very busy and we are all chatting, so through conversation I provde that I am not a novice fish owner.

I asked the associate to look at the pale fish, and asked if he looked healthy to her. She gave him a water change and did inspect him and agreed he did not look the best. Since I had a tank ready, she offered for me to adopt him free of charge if I wanted to give him a chance!

So here is our pale yellow boy. We are unsure of a name - any suggestions??


a corgi said...

I hope he does well! that was nice you got him free of charge too; I'm thinking "Lucky" or "Chance" for names?


penni said...

How about Redemption? Since you don't have to spit out the name to get a nice straight front, you can have a multi-syllable name.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hope its going better!
I've never had a betta before but I always feel sorry for all those rows of them at walmart. Imagine living in a tiny CUP of water. EGADS.. I want to bring them all home with me.
I have some koi in our backyard fishpond. And some REEEALLY big goldfish. The little ponds really UGLY though and in summer time I can't keep it clean.
Have a great day,
Hope things go well for your fish!