Monday, September 7, 2009


Aren't they just beautiful? (L) Zsa Zsa (C) Emma (R) Snickers

Their beautiful markings (reversed order).
I love how they go from lots of body black to very minimal.

Leonard's sister, Susan, visited today from Syracuse. Emma thought she was the greatest!


Lybertygirl said...

I Love Da Blues!!

Kate said...

I like that they all have black half-face. Maybe we should do a group photo someday. ;)

Holly said...

I would love to get together and see your beautiful pups,. A group photo would be so neat!

Dawn said...

I love blues with lots of black, specially with the deep dark black your girl has. She is lovely, they all are. Someday maybe we will have a blue here.

Life With Dogs said...

My first visit - and yes, your dogs are stunning! :)